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What is Pasar Bizarre?


Pasar Bizarre is a digital shopfront for selling goods created by Percolate Galactic's team members during their 20% Time.


The true story of taking an idea from brainstorming to production: there's a good chance that in the weird and twisted route that leads to a final idea, you've discarded five or six other really good ideas.

In the race to find your Drake -- the solution that everyone agrees on 'becuz great abs' -- you've thrown out your Lil Wayne; the solution that might have been #awesome but was going to take a lot more work; the solution that wants to rap like an alien on half the tracks and you don't know how to tell it no.

20% Time at Percolate Galactic is all about Weezy.

Google made the concept of 20% Time famous in their 2004 IPO letter, announcing that their staff would spend 20% of their on-the-clock time exploring and developing ideas that were not mission critical but which the team was passionate about and hadn't had a chance to develop. The result of this policy were services like Gmail, Google News, and (arguably) Adsense.

So: neat idea, much wow. People debate the actual reality of the Google 20% Time policy. That's nice.

Here's how we implemented it:

The first thing to note is that client work always comes first. If you've given us money, our brains and hearts are 100% yours. Metaphorically. Our clients do not actually own any of our organs.

How we've managed our 20% Time is by reinvesting profits back into the company, giving us the ability to block time strictly for developing some of our asymmetrical tendencies into viable concepts. The only considerations that our team members need to adhere to are that the final product needs to be usable either as a standalone product or a viable prototype for later client work.

Other than that, we don't know where exactly the work will take us. 20% Time is us betting on the taste, hard work, and passion of our team --

*lowers sunglasses, stares into camera*

and that's a bet we'll always take.


What you see on this website is the first round of 20% Time projects that have gone from idea to actual, tangible product. With our minds synced squarely on deconstructing fashion and internet culture, this production run has gone hard in the direction of the absurd. We didn't know it was going to turn out that way. It just happened organically.

And when the run is over? We're going to have a whole mountain of actionable intelligence to rummage through. And a bunch of ideas and publishing methods that have been road-tested. And, hopefully, a whole new round of profits to reinvest into the next round of experiments.

We'll let you know how it goes. Stay #weird.


Percolate Galactic is a digital and experiential advertising agency located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our current and past client list includes the Nike Foundation, the Ismaya Group, Blue Bottle Coffee, Qraved, Ranch Market Indonesia, Global Sources, and film studio Kepompong Gendut.  

We create big experiences and turn passive consumers into bright-eyed believers. Every creation that comes out of our shop whirls and hums and elicits gasps and awe. We don’t create social media content; we create enchantment and community.

We do only the work that we believe in because we want to build the shiny new future that we were promised.

We are imaginauts, urban explorers, media mavens, mad art geniuses, and philosopher kings with one purpose and one purpose only: Creating the Future.

Preferably, we would like to create the future for you. Contact us at



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