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Enamel Coffee Mugs

Pasar Bizarre

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We know what you're thinking:

"I love coffee, but pouring it straight from the carafe directly into my mouth keeps sending me to the hospital with severe internal burns."

We've got just the solution. We call it the coffee cup. You can pour coffee into it and let the beverage sit, cool, and be easily transported. Pick the cup up, put it to your mouth, enjoy your beverage. Not into coffee? Fill it with chocolate milk, ayahuasca, and a whole host of other exciting beverage-based applications. We've found the future, and it's a container that you can pour liquids into.

Oh, and one more thing:

We put designs on the side that express messages that we think are funny.

That sound you heard? That's us putting a dent in the universe.

The details: These are oversized enamel mugs with lids (4.5 inch diameter) and come in assorted colors and designs. Choose your favorite design, but mug color is random.

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