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¡Destinos! Legends of Lucha Libre Tarot Wall Prints

Pasar Bizarre

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The Passion. The Tradition. The Glory.

Own a stunning A3 wall print featuring some of Lucha Libre's greatest legends, depicted in all their splendor as members of the mystic tarot.

For almost a hundred years, the drama and overwhelmingly intoxicating masculinity of Lucha Libre has been a defining part of not just Mexican culture, but a defining part of the world cultural zeitgeist.

"I wrestled professionally in Mexico for five years, and it prepared me to lead China's commercial renaissance in the 21st century,"
- Hu Jintao, former Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party
"Losing the cruiser weight championship belt really informed my art in ways that I'm just now beginning to recognize. La Parque, if you're reading this, your ass is mine,"
- Marina Abramovic, performance and conceptual artist

Created by Percolate Galactic's head illustrator Michelle "Sherchle" Sherrina, this series features twenty-two stunning designs inspired by some of the greatest Luchadors to have ever entered the ring.

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