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Too Dumb For the Internet, Too Ugly for Real Life White Tee

Pasar Bizarre

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Sometimes I get tired and don't want to write about t-shirts. I want to write facts about sharks. Sharks are so cool. Remember that one movie Deep Blue Sea? Yeah, you know the one. Anyway, I found these Shark Facts on a website called "Fun Shark Facts For Kids." They're not just for kids!
  • Sharks do not have a single bone in their bodies. Instead they have a skeleton made up of cartilage; the same type of tough, flexible tissue that makes up human ears and noses.
  • Some sharks remain on the move for their entire lives. This forces water over their gills, delivering oxygen to the blood stream. If the shark stops moving then it will suffocate and die.
  • Sharks have outstanding hearing. They can hear a fish thrashing in the water from as far as 500 meters away!
  • If a shark was put into a large swimming pool, it would be able to smell a single drop of blood in the water.
  • Although most species of shark are less than one meter long, there are some species such as the whale shark, which can be 14 meters long.

I hope you now know more about sharks than when you started!

Your friend,

The Late Steve Jobs

THE DETAILS: This is a lightweight white t-shirt made from premium 30s 100% cotton, available in sizes S - XXL. (Sizes run small, order one size up if unsure of fit.)

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